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XXXV - No. 17 May 17th, 2011

Angel Abruña-Rodríguez and Nathan Connell selected as Honored Instructors by students in the Chadbourne Residential College
Angel Abruña-Rodríguez (GenChem) and Nathan Connell (Organic) have been selected as Honored Instructors by students in the Chadbourne Residential College. This is the third time that Angel has been recognized.  The designation is given to instructors for their excellence in teaching and is certainly a well deserved honor. Please join us in congratulating Angel and Nate for their receipt of this recognition!
Samira Musah Wins Why File Contest
Samira Musah, graduate student with Laura Kiessling, was named winner of the Cool Science Image Contest by The Why Files. The winning image shows a muscle cell that was derived from human embryonic stem cells. The image can be viewed at http://whyfiles.org/2011/cool-science-image-contest/. An article about the contest also appears at: http://www.news.wisc.edu/19227. Congratulations Samira!!
2011 Dates of Finance/Department Meetings
Department/Executive Committee Meetings - Tuesdays - 1:30 PM - Room 9341 Chemistry
Finance Committee Meetings - Tuesdays - 1:30 PM - Room 1130
Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 - Inorganic Chemistry Seminar, 12:30 p.m., Room 9341 Chemistry Building. Graduate Student, Jamie Chen, Stahl Group. "Lignin as Renewable Source of Chemical Feedstock: Recent Advances in Selective Lignin Decomposition Using Homogeneous Transition Metal Catalysts"
Chemistry Department and the Capital Lakes DragonFest
For a second straight year, our department will be participating in the Capital Lakes DragonFest. This event is a dragon boating race on Lake Wingra composed of more than twenty teams. It helps support TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc, a non-profit company promoting the well-being of women fighting cancer. Martha Vestling has kindly provided financial backing to form a team, and we simply need 24 individuals to fill out the roster. No worries if you lack experience! We will be provided with a coach and a practice session prior to the actual race. This event promises to be a lot of fun, plus it comes with the added benefit of supporting a good cause. For anyone willing to pick up a paddle and join our team, please reply by May 31!
FYI, the event will be held on Saturday, June 25, 2011. The practice session is not currently scheduled, but should be sometime within the week prior to that date. Please see the event website for further information: http://www.capitallakesdragonfest.com/index.html
Thank you!! The GSFLC.
Gordon Research Seminar UW Graduate Students and Postdocs;
William Pomerantz, Ph.D., is the conference chair for the Gordon Research Seminar for the Gordon Research Seminar in High Throughput Chemistry and Chemical Biology this June 18th-19th to be held at Colby-Sawyer College in London New Hampshire. This two-day event is targeted at graduate students and postdocs to share in the GRC experience, providing additional leadership and networking opportunities before the larger conference.  We currently have a great line-up and Jim Wells will be our keynote speaker.
Our registration deadline is fast approaching (May 21st), so I wanted to make you aware of this great opportunity before it was too late. We have been active in fundraising and will be waiving the registration costs for all of our attendees. If you are interested in applying, we have several slots available. Tehshik Yoon has already agreed to be on our career panel, and we would love to have a larger Badger presence.
Our scientific program can be found here: http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2011&program=grs_hithru.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at: William Pomerantz, Ph.D., NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan, Department of Chemistry, 930 N. University Ave, Rm 2714, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108, http://www.linkedin.com/in/williampomerantz\.
Chemistry Camps
The Institute for Chemical Education (ICE) offers a summer afternoon laboratory program in chemistry for middle school students entering grades 5-8. Chemistry Camps are designed to stimulate scientific curiosity through demonstrations, experiments, and other hands-on activities.
Three different camp themes will be offered this year. Two separate sessions of Fun with Forensics Science will be offered: June 27-July 1 or July 11-July 15. Fun with Inventions will be offered July 18-22.  Fun with Chemistry will be held July 25-July 29.  Each session runs Monday through Friday, from 1:15-4:30 pm.  The cost for each one-week session is $160. An optional late (5:30 pm) pick-up is available for an additional $30/week.
Information and registration instructions are available online at http://ice.chem.wisc.edu/Camps.html. For additional information, contact Sandy Walejko, 1305 Chemistry Bldg., 1101 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706; phone: 608/262-3033; fax: 608/265-8094; email: ice@chem.wisc.edu.
Group Leaders Needed Fun with Chemistry Camps
The Institute for Chemical Education (ICE) will again be offering the Fun with Chemistry Camps (Chem Camps) this summer. The camps provide a fun and exciting chemistry laboratory experience for middle school students. There are four sessions this summer, each of which runs for five weekday afternoons. The dates for this year's camps are:
Fun with Forensics Science I - June 27-July 1
Fun with Forensics Science II - July 11-July 15
Fun with Inventions - July 18-July 22
Fun with Chemistry - July 25-Jul6 29
We need GROUP LEADERS (undergraduates only) to provide guidance to 4 6 students in the laboratory. We will need 10 group leaders for each session. The time commitment is approximately 12:45 4:30 PM each day, and the pay is $300 per weekly session. If you are interested in applying, please stop by room 1305 with a current resume, and sign up with Sandy by Thursday, April 28. Those who can work all 4 weeks will be given priority. The positions usually fill up fast, so hurry if you're interested! April 28 is the last day to sign up (bring a resume) and be guaranteed consideration for a position. Group Leaders are selected on a combination first-come, first served/interviewed basis. Interviews will be held May 2nd-10th. Applicants will be informed if they have been selected by Friday, May 13. For more information see the ICE website or call Sandy at 262-3033.
The 2011 Madison Organic Chemistry Symposium in Honor of Professor Edwin Vedejs
Vedejs Reunion, Retirement and Birthday Celebration, Saturday, July 16, 2011
Symposium speakers include:
Professor Phil Fuchs - Purdue University
Professor Fred West - University of Alberta
Professor Don Warner - Boise State University
Professor Steven Diver - University of Buffalo
Dr. Janet Grissom
Professor Art Cammers - University of Kentucky
Dr. Linus Lin and Dr. Artis Klapars - Merck
Professor Robert Twieg - Kent State University
Professor Olafs Daugulis - University of Houston
The link for additional information: http://www.chem.wisc.edu/areas/organic/symposium/symposium_2011.htm.
Northwestern University Physical Sciences-Oncology Center Symposium and Workshop
"Physical Sciences Approaches to Cancer Research" - June 6th & 7th, 2011, Evanston, IL.
The Northwestern University Physical Sciences-Oncology Center invites life and physical scientists from across the Midwest to participate in a symposium and workshop addressing the topic of "Physical Sciences Approaches to Cancer Research" on June 6th and 7th, 2011. Both events will be held in Pancoe Auditorium on the university's Evanston campus (seven miles north of downtown Chicago).  The two-day program will assemble a group of leading scholars working at the intersection of the physical sciences and oncology to discuss their recent findings and explain how physical and analytical approaches to genetic information can be used to answer important questions in cancer biology.
June 6th Symposium , 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM:
     •    Richard Carthew, Northwestern University (Gene Regulation by Small Non-Coding RNAs)
     •    Lucy Godley, University of Chicago (The Role of Hydroxymethylcytosine in Normal and Malignant
     •    Chuan He, University of Chicago (Oxidative Modification and Demodification of Nucleic Acids)
     •    Peter Jones, University of Southern California (How Nucleosomes Integrate and Execute Epigenetic
     •    Leonid Mirny, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (On Drivers and Passengers: Accumulations
          of Mutations in Cancer Progression)
     •    Alexander Ruthenburg, University of Chicago (Multivalent Interactions Interpret the Histone Code at
          the Nucleosome Level)
June 7th Methodology Workshop, 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM:
     •    Richard Carthew, Northwestern University (Profiling Small RNAs in Drosophila)
     •    Olivier Elemento, Cornell University (Computational Approaches in Motif and Network Discovery)
     •    Frank Pugh, Penn State University (Genome-Wide Organization of Chromatin and the Transcription
     •    Ji-Ping Wang, Northwestern University (Processing and Modeling of Nucleosome Mapping Data)
May 27th  Registration Deadline:  The symposium and workshop are free, but registration is required by May 27th. To register, attendees should email Will Kazmier, NU PS-OC Education and Outreach Coordinator, at w-kazmier@northwestern.edu with their university and departmental affiliations.  A complete program schedule will be available shortly on the Physical Sciences-Oncology Center website: www.psoc.northwestern.edu.
Accommodations:  Out-of-town attendees should use the Hilton Orrington Hotel, 1710 Orrington Avenue, Evanston, for their accommodations. Call 888.450.8356 to reserve a room and be sure to ask for the "2nd PS-OC Symposium" room rate ($139-$159/night).   The rate applies to reservations made before May 20th. The hotel is located less than a mile away from the symposium and workshop site.
About the Center: The NU Physical Sciences-Oncology Center was established in 2009 through a five-year grant from the National Cancer Institute and operates under the leadership of Drs. Jonathan Widom, PhD, and Jonathan Licht, MD. Using physical sciences-based approaches to answer important questions in cancer biology, the Center has assembled a team of 25 faculty investigators who are working on five research projects that collectively explore the coding, decoding, transfer and translation of information in cancer. A complete description of this research can be found on the Center's website.
Glasses crystallize rapidly at free surfaces by growing crystals upward.
Sun, Y; Zhu, L; Kearns, KL; Ediger, MD*; Yu, LA.
Real-time attack on single Escherichia coli cells by the human antimicrobial peptide LL-37.
Sochacki, KA; Barns, KJ; Bucki, R; Weisshaar, JC*.
REACTION DYNAMICS Surrounded by complications.
Crim, FF*.
NATURE CHEMISTRY 3 (5): 344-345 MAY 2011.
Multiresonant Coherent Multidimensional Vibrational Spectroscopy of Aromatic Systems: Pyridine, a Model System.
Kornau, KM; Rickard, MA; Mathew, NA; Pakoulev, AV; Wright, JC*.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 115 (16): 4054-4062 APR 28 2011.
Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Alkene Functionalization via Nucleopalladation: Stereochemical Pathways and Enantioselective Catalytic Applications.
McDonald, RI; Liu, GS; Stahl, SS*.
CHEMICAL REVIEWS 111 (4): 2981-3019 APR 2011.
Potentiation of ribonuclease cytotoxicity by a poly(amidoamine) dendrimer.
Ellis, GA; Hornung, ML; Raines, RT*.
Molecular beam studies of HCl dissolution and dissociation in cold salty water.
Brastad, SM; Nathanson, GM*.
Nanochannel confinement: DNA stretch approaching full contour length.
Kim, Y; Kim, KS; Kounovsky, KL; Chang, R; Jung, GY; dePablo, JJ; Jo, K; Schwartz, DC*.
LAB ON A CHIP 11 (10): 1721-1729 2011.
Polymorphism of 5-(pyridin-2-ylmethylene)-3-phenyl-2-methylthio-3,5-dihydro-4H-imidazole-4-one.
Guzei, IA*; Gunn, EM; Spencer, LC; Schomaker, JM*; Rigoli, JW.
CRYSTENGCOMM 13 (10): 3444-3450 MAY 2011.
The Chemistry of Atmosphere-Forest Exchange (CAFE) Model - Part 2: Application to BEARPEX-2007
Wolfe, GM; Thornton, JA; Bouvier-Brown, NC; Goldstein, AH; Park, JH; Mckay, M; Matross, DM; Mao, J; Brune, WH; LaFranchi, BW; Browne, EC; Min, KE; Wooldridge, PJ; Cohen, RC; Crounse, JD; Faloona, IC; Gilman, JB; Kuster, WC; de Gouw, JA; Huisman, A; Keutsch, FN*.
Advancing Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization-Mass Spectrometric Imaging for Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis of Peptides.
Wang, JH; Ye, H; Zhang, ZC; Xiang, F; Girdaukas, G; Li, LJ*.
ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 83 (9): 3462-3469 MAY 1 2011.
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Madison Country Day School is seeking an experienced high school science educator for a half-time position for the 2011-2012 school year. The successful applicant will have significant experience teaching physics and/or chemistry; past International Baccalaureate training in either subject is preferred. Applicants should have both a passion for engaging high school students in the process of scientific discovery and the desire to advance both an evolving school and your own professional expertise. Applicants must be flexible with exceptional communication and collaboration skills. A bachelor's degree in a relevant field is required; a master's degree is strongly preferred. Please email a cover letter and resume to: Caitlin Stade, Assistant to the Head of School, at: cstade@madisoncountryday.org. Madison Country Day School, an IB World School, is an independent college-preparatory school serving grades Pre-K through 12. MCDS does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, color, religon, national or ethnic origin, or sexual identity in its hiring processes.   
Please submit all newsletter information or address changes to: goldade@chem.wisc.edu or 262-0293. Thanks.