Tutoring and Learning Support

Please see Chemistry Tutoring List and Learning Support Resources Spring 2020 (pdf) for information about the many free resources available to UW-Madison students seeking assistance with their chemistry courses, as well as a list of private tutors available for hire.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend their TA's and instructor's office hours, attend Help Desk (for General Chemistry), and utilize the Piazza forum, if applicable for their course. Additional assistance may be sought from various free tutoring services on campus (as noted in the document linked above), including Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE; professional co-ed chemistry fraternity), Greater University Tutoring Services (GUTS), University Housing Tutoring, and the College of Engineering Undergraduate Learning Center (ULC).

The Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) supports students in introductory chemistry courses (103, 104, and 108) and in some sections of organic chemistry. They welcome as many students as possible but unfortunately do not have sufficient resources to support all students seeking help. The Center is funded to work with specific groups of students, such as first-generation low-income students, underrepresented students, students on academic probation, students with disabilities, students who have trouble understanding English, new transfer students, recently returning veterans, and students at-risk of failing the course. These are general guidelines and they consider each student seeking assistance on a case-by-case basis taking into account available program space. Program eligibility is usually determined by an interview with a staff member.