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This section provides information and online resources for General Chemistry courses 103, 104, 108, 109, 115, and 116.

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Many of the resources used in our courses require specific browsers, settings, and plugins. For complete help getting your computer and browser set up, visit our page about computer set-up.


Visit or get help with Learn@UW, a campus-wide tool for delivering online course materials. Course materials on Learn@UW are available at Chemistry 103, 104, 108, and 109 use Learn@UW in conjunction with other online resources. Materials in Learn@UW are restricted to registered students only. (If you already know your login ID and password, you may use the above link to login directly.)


Some lectures in Chemistry 104 and 109 use the Moodle course management system to deliver course materials and homework. Materials in Moodle ( are restricted to registered students. The coursework for each week is laid out in Moodle.

Materials for Lab

View a complete list of online resources used for the laboratory portion of your course.
ChemPages Lab Resources | Online lab reports | CRC Handbook | Periodic table of the elements

Information for Students

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