Materials for General Chemistry Laboratory

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Director of General Chemistry Laboratories:

Dr. Chad Wilkinson
Room 1317, Chemistry

Links to laboratory resources:

ChemPages Prelab Modules

Lake Study - Loads a Java applet. This may take a few seconds. Be patient!

Reaction Types and Chemical Logic (requires WiscVPN for off-campus access) - Matrix of Knowns | Matrix of Unknowns

Window on the Solid State (requires WiscVPN for off-campus access)

Enzyme Catalysts (Chem 104)

Excel Exercise Handout (Chem 104 only); Chem 109 handout can be found in Moodle or D2L

Data Sets for the Excel Exercise

Data Sets for the Integrated Rate Law Exercise (Chem 104 only)

Data Sets for the Integrated Rate Law Exercise (Chem 109 only)

Periodic Table Live

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Online

Periodic Table of the Elements (pdf)

Molecular Models (Chem 108)

If you have questions about the content of the laboratory material, contact your TA or Dr. Wilkinson.