Fueling Discovery in the College of Letters & Science

Professor Helen Blackwell talks with a graduate student researcher in her chemistry laboratories

As the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the College of Letters & Science fuels discovery. Our professors and instructors provide life-changing learning experiences for our students, who come to college in an intense period of self-discovery. Our research breakthroughs extend and sometimes redefine the boundaries of knowledge and what it is to be human. And we embrace our 111-year-old commitment to the Wisconsin Idea — the belief that our discoveries are shared to improve the lives of our community and the world.

This spring, the College of Letters & Science partnered with the Wisconsin State Journal to publish a special section that showcases how L&S fuels discovery. The 32-page section features essays written by faculty members from across the college.

Chemistry Professor Helen Blackwell is among the featured faculty, with a piece titled "Bacteria talk to each other, and we're listening." Her essay explores how bacteria communicate with one another and her vision for guiding these 'bacterial conversations' in new directions.

Read the full Fueling Discovery special section by clicking below.

Photo by Sarah Morton, College of Letters & Science