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Introductory Chemistry Placement

Students who need two or more semesters of chemistry usually choose to take Chem 103-104. If you plan to major in chemistry, biochemistry or a related science, premed, or chemical engineering and have had two years of high school chemistry and place into Math 221 or higher, you should consider Chem 109. Students who need only one semester of chemistry and who are using chemistry solely as a science requirement may choose to take Chem 108. Chem 108 is a terminal course and does not serve as a prerequisite for addtitional chemistry courses. Chem 115-116 is for students with especially strong math skills and at least one year of high school chemistry; enrollment is by invitation only. For more information about all of these options, please see the course descriptions below and the supplementary information sheet on Introductory Chemistry Courses. Consult the Undergraduate Chemistry Office (Room 1328) if you need help making the best selection.

Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry
At UW-Madison, a student may receive three credits for one semester of Introductory Chemistry (Chem 103) when they successfully pass the AP chemistry exam.


Introductory Chemistry (100 level)



Intermediate Chemistry (200 - 300 level)



Advanced Courses (400-500 level)



Graduate or Advanced Undergraduate Courses (600 level)

These courses are primarily intended for graduate students, but advanced undergraduates might be eligible. Prerequisites denoted with an asterisk (*) differ from those published in the catalog. Recent course instructors have provided these alternative pre-reqs as appropriate for undergraduates. Students are encouraged to consult the instructor or the chemistry advisor for additional guidance.



Graduate Level (700 and above)