Chemistry Newsletter for 5/31/2011

XXXV - No. 18 May 31st, 2011

Tammy Lam Recognized as an Honored Instructor by Students Living in University Housing
Tammy Lam has been recognized as an Honored Instructor by the students living in University Housing. The designation is given to instructors for their excellence in teaching and is certainly a well deserved honor. Please join us in congratulating Tammy for her receipt of this recognition!
Benjamin Dunnington, Randy Mehlenbacher, Hannah Bowman, Will Tucker, and Ryan VanHoveln Have Also Been Selected as Honored Instructors by Students in the Chadbourne Residential College
Benjamin Dunnington, Randy Mehlenbacher, Hannah Bowman, Will Tucker, and Ryan VanHoveln have been selected as Honored Instructors by students in the Chadbourne Residential College. The designation is given to instructors for their excellence in teaching and is certainly a well deserved honor. Please join us in congratulating Benjamin, Randy, Hannah, Will & Ryan for their receipt of this recognition!
Kendall Schneider's mother, Dorothy Jean Fisher, died last week. Kendall is one of our machinists. Visitation will be from 4-7 PM Tuesday 5/31 at Becker-Beal Funeral Home in Belleville, WI. The funeral is Wednesday, 6/1 at 11 AM at the First United Church of Christ in Belleville. Our condolences to Kendall and his family.
July 16th, 2011 - Organic Special Event - Professor Ed Vedejs Symposium, 9:00 a.m., Room 1315 Chemistry Building. Professor Ed Vedejs Symposium, Reunion, Retirement and Birthday Celebration.
Chem Safety Training Session
The UW Chemical Safety Office is providing a training session, "Working Safely with Chemicals" to REU students on Wednesday, June 1 at 1:30 PM in 1315 Chemistry and anyone is welcome to attend.  This session would be useful for undergraduate students working in your labs this summer.  This session will also meet part of the safety training requirements for new post docs and visiting scientists. Thank You, Rob McClain.
The 2011 Madison Organic Chemistry Symposium in Honor of Professor Edwin Vedejs
Vedejs Reunion, Retirement and Birthday Celebration Saturday, July 16, 2011
Symposium speakers include:
Professor Phil Fuchs - Purdue University
Professor Fred West - University of Alberta
Professor Don Warner - Boise State University
Professor Steven Diver - University of Buffalo
Dr. Janet Grissom
Professor Art Cammers - University of Kentucky
Dr. Linus Lin and Dr. Artis Klapars - Merck
Professor Robert Twieg - Kent State University
Professor Olafs Daugulis - University of Houston
The link for additional information:
Proctor & Gamble Company's 21st Annual Conference
Proctor & Gamble's 21st annual conference, with the first conference with doctoral and postdoctoral students scientists in STEM disciplines. The conference is being held September 18-21, 2011. This unique opportunity will be offered to a limited number of candidates, applicants must have a doctoral degree or expect to receive one by September of 2012. The conference is primarily intended for African American, Hispanic, and Native American doctoral and postdoctoral scientists who want to learn more about industrial research careers; however all other qualified candidates, including foreign national, will be considered. Applications are due by July 11, 2011. Please direct all questions to: Robbin Rolfes, FIRST Conference Coordinator, at: rolfes.rl@pg.cpm. A brochure on this conference in located in the Graduate Office, please see Stephenie Nagle to view this document.
Higher-energy Collision-activated Dissociation Without a Dedicated Collision Cell.
McAlister, GC; Phanstiel, DH; Brumbaugh, J; Westphall, MS; Coon, JJ*.
MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS 10 (5): doi:10.1074/mcp.O111.009456 Sp. Iss. SI MAY 2011.
Multiresonant Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy of the Vibrationally Induced Decarboxylation of AOT: Deuterium Oxide Reverse Micelles.
Penwell, SB; Wright, JC*.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 115 (18): 5564-5573 MAY 12 2011.
Collective Hydrogen Bond Reorganization in Water Studied with Temperature-Dependent Ultrafast Infrared Spectroscopy.
Nicodemus, RA; Corcelli, SA; Skinner, JL*; Tokmakoff, A.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 115 (18): 5604-5616 MAY 12 2011.
Docking, Not Fusion, as the Rate-Limiting Step in a SNARE-Driven Vesicle Fusion Assay.
Smith, EA; Weisshaar, JC*.
BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 100 (9): 2141-2150 MAY 4 2011.
Implementing Photodissociation in an Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer.
Vasicek, LA; Ledvina, AR; Shaw, J; Griep-Raming, J; Westphall, MS; Coon, JJ*; Brodbelt, JS.
Highly Stable Redox-Active Molecular Layers by Covalent Grafting to Conductive Diamond.
Ruther, RE; Rigsby, ML; Gerken, JB; Hogendoorn, SR; Landis, EC; Stahl, SS*; Hamers, RJ*.
Benzoquinone-Promoted Reaction of O-2 with a Pd-II-Hydride.
Decharin, N; Stahl, SS*.
Site-Specific Hydration Dynamics in the Nonpolar Core of a Molten Globule by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of Water.
Armstrong, BD; Choi, J; Lopez, C; Wesener, DA; Hubbell, W; Cavagnero, S*; Han, S.
Synthesis of Conformationally Constrained 5-Fluoro- and 5-Hydroxymethanopyrrolidines. Ring-Puckered Mimics of Gauche- and Anti-3-Fluoro- and 3-Hydroxypyrrolidines.
Krow, GR; Edupuganti, R; Gandla, D; Yu, F; Sender, M; Sonnet, PE; Zdilla, MJ; DeBrosse, C; Cannon, KC; Ross, CW; Choudhary, A; Shoulders, MD; Raines, RT*.
JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 76 (10): 3626-3634 MAY 20 2011.
Two- and three-body interactions among nanoparticles in a polymer melt.
Frischknecht, AL; Yethiraj, A*.
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 134 (17): Art. No. 174901 MAY 7 2011.
Quantum mechanical origin of the conformational preferences of 4-thiaproline and its S-oxides.
Choudhary, A; Pua, KH; Raines, RT*.
AMINO ACIDS 41 (1): 181-186 JUN 2011.
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Intertek Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals combines expertise with advanced analytical laboratory services to provide added value to clients across a wide range of industries including Upstream Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical and Materials, Clean Air, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical, and Health & Environment. Job Title:  Scientist, LC/GPC. Office Location: Allentown, PA. The opportunity has arisen for an experienced LC/GPC Scientist to work with this global organization which respects diverse perspectives, experiences and traditions as essential and values each employee's contribution toward achieving our business objectives. This position will have two key focus areas: (1) perform at the bench, skilled in methods development for both LC and GPC, with a particular focus on GPC; and (2), take a leadership position in the Chromatography area with lab management responsibility for LC/GPC and supervisory responsibility for 1-3 chemists/technicians. The successful candidate for this position will have significant growth opportunity in lab leadership responsibilities. For additional information about Intertek ASA, please visit In this position, you will be responsible for the following:
•    Plan and execute projects in non-standard HPLC and GPC analyses.
•    Provide technical guidance to other chemists/technicians in the LC and GPC labs with regards to project definition and execution and problem solving.
•    Responsible for the advancement of LC and GPC technology for the organization through knowledge of the field and innovative analytical research.
•    Manage the LC and GPC labs, including safety responsibilities, complying with our Quality Management System for instrument maintenance and operation, capital planning, and work prioritization.
•    Supervise 1-3 chemists/technicians in the LC and GPC labs, with responsibility for their continue growth and advancement.
•    Interact with key customers to define and drive projects consistent with their needs to drive business growth with those customers.
•    Collaborate with key scientists from across the ASA organization and, as appropriate, across the Intertek laboratory network to provide integrated analytical solutions to complex customer problems.
The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:
•    Experience with and advanced knowledge of LC and GPC demonstrated through a combination of industry and academic performance.
•    BS degree or higher in Chemistry or related field, PhD preferred
•    Industry experience (5-10 years) in an analytical laboratory in research, development and testing.
•    Must have experience with and knowledge of:
     •    GPC and sample preparation to perform analytical methods and solve analytical problems
          (candidates without GPC experience will not be considered for this position).
     •    LC and sample preparation to perform analytical methods and solve analytical problems
     •    Non-aqueous LC separation methods and techniques.
     •    Solving complex separations of polymeric materials.
•    Excellent organization/multitasking, project management, and communication skills.
•    Excellent teamwork ability to integrate expertise into multi-technique solutions to complex problems.
•    Strong problem-solving abilities and analytical skills, including data interpretation/analysis.
•    Strong computer skills (Windows, MS Office, data acquisition software).
•    Ability to generate client reports and supporting documentation.
•    Demonstrated leadership skills, supervisory experience preferred.
Intertek offers a culture where motivated and customer-oriented employees can flourish, experience professional fulfillment and reach their highest potential. We also offer a generous compensation and benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability, 401(k) with company matching, and 100% tuition reimbursement. Apply Online at:
Hiring Chair Professors, Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors at South University of Science and Technology (SUSTC), Shenzhen, China. The South University of Science and Technology (SUSTC) invites applications and nominations for all ranks of tenured and tenure-track faculty members in the Division of Science and the Division of Engineering. SUSTC is a public institution funded by the municipal of Shenzhen, a special economic zone city in southern China. The University receives full financial support from the municipal. Set on five hundred acres of wooded landscape in the picturesque Nanshan (South Mountain) area, the new campus whose first phase will be ready for commission in June, 2012 offers an idyllic environment suitable for learning and scholarship. SUSTC engages in basic and problem-solving research of lasting impact to benefit society and mankind. The Division of Science and Division of Engineering are the largest and most important units in SUSTC. The Divisions wish to hire faculty members at all ranks. Key areas include but not limited to: Neural and Cognitive Sciences, Biology and Gene Engineering, Modern Physics, Control and Modification of Materials, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Molecular Chemistry and Catalysis, Large-Scale Computational Research, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems and Electronic Engineering, Modern Cities and future developments, Energy Sciences and Technology, Environmental Sciences, Financial Mathematics and Engineering. The Divisions especially encourage research that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Experienced researchers whose interests do not fall within the above areas are invited to suggest new areas of research. Cluster hiring is possible, with senior members accompanied by junior members in a group. The teaching language at SUSTC is English or Putonghua. The choice is made by the instructor. As we expect an international faculty, the majority of teaching materials and reference books will be in English and many classes will be conducted in English. With a very high faculty-to-student ratio, SUSTC is committed to delivering a student-centered education. Students at junior and senior years are expected to participate in research in the Research Centers. The University offers competitive salaries. Fringe benefits include medical/dental insurance, retirement and housing subsidy. Chair Professors and Professors will be appointed with tenure. Associate Professors and Assistant Professors will be offered tenure-track contracts. Send nominations, inquiries and applications to: All applications should include a CV and a detailed list of publications. Those interested in cluster hiring should send CVs and publication lists as a group. Evaluations will commence immediately and appointments will be made on a continuous basis. Additional information on SUSTC is available on the University homepage:
Please submit all newsletter information or address changes to: or 262-0293. Thanks.