AbbVie: Quality Control Lab Analyst

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North Chicago, Illinois
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AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV) is a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company formed in 2013 following separation from Abbott. AbbVie combines the focus and passion of a leading-edge biotech with the expertise and capabilities of a long-established pharmaceutical leader to develop and market advanced therapies that address some of the world's most complex and serious diseases. 

Job Posting Title: Quality Control Lab Analyst

Entry Level
Primary Function / Primary Goals / Objectives:
-Performs laboratory testing within a GMP/GLP environment in support of one or more of the following areas; raw materials, in-process product, finished product, stability, and/or validation.
-Uses scientific education and/or experiences to generate results in accordance with GMP/procedural requirements and scientific principles.
-Interprets data output to determine conformance with product specifications.
-Reviews, verifies, approves, and releases data generated by others to determine conformance with product specifications.
-Understands internal business processes to make appropriate prioritization of their assigned work duties. 
-Has experience and command of multiple laboratory techniques to perform them with minimal error.
-Based upon their GMP/procedural knowledge, recognizes exception events and is -Is able recognize laboratory technique or instrumental events that could impact the integrity of the test data. 
-Demonstrates the ability to design experimental protocols to determine exception event root cause.
-Can train other laboratory personnel on any technique they currently have in their training matrix. Understands GMP/procedural impact of any proposed changes to operating procedures.
-Takes responsibility for completing assigned work tasks and goals and can independently prioritize work schedule in order to meet both objectives. 
-Has basic computer proficiency of word processing and spreadsheet applications.
-Demonstrates the proficiency to learn AbbVie computer systems and computer systems associated with laboratory instrumentation. 
-Demonstrates a high level of proficiency to work with computer applications. 
-Works under the general guidance of a supervisor but can effectively manage their own time to ensure timely completion of assigned duties.

Major Responsibilities:
-Understands, implements, and maintains a safe work environment for themselves and others in accordance with procedural requirements.
-Proposes and implements changes to create a safe environment. 
-Understands, implements, and maintains GMP with respect to laboratory records, procedures, and systems in accordance with procedural requirements.
-Proposes and implements changes to maintain procedural requirements. 
-Understands, implements, and maintains their training certifications as needed for assigned job tasks.
-Takes independent responsibility to add new training diversification to meet broader team objectives. 
-Performs analytical test methods as written to support product/material release with minimal error.
-Proposes and implements changes to improve methodology. 
-Data verification of laboratory results to support final product/material release. 
-Understands laboratory techniques and principles performed.
-Can independently troubleshoot and resolve analytical techniques and instrument issues.
-Interprets experimental data for conformance with product/material specifications.
-Understands and identifies laboratory technique or instrumental performance in accordance with scientific principles.
-Initiates appropriate exception documents in accordance with procedural requirements.
-Proposes and implements experimental design to determine exception root cause.
-Proficiency in word processing and spreadsheet applications, AbbVie systems and instrumentation within their training matrix.
- Participates and provides input within assigned teams.
-Implements and ensures improvement ideas are completed to facilitate team objectives.
-Independently maintains training and recertification on training modules, safety, GMP, and procedural updates. 
-Accepts responsibility for acquiring knowledge and experience to support continual personal development. 
-Demonstrates logical thought processes in order to determine possible contributors to exception events.
-Proposes and implements scientific protocols to determine exception event cause. 

-Can work in multiple laboratory functional areas as assigned by supervisors, managers. 
-Can effectively perform a multitude of laboratory techniques for which they are trained on with minimal error.
-Can adjust to unforeseen technical or logistical obstacles to accomplish assignments. 
-Volunteers to take on additional tasks to aid the laboratory. 
-Volunteers to work in other areas when assigned work has been completed.

-Performs assigned tasks with some level of supervision required. 
-Budgets their time effectively to carry out assigned tasks. 
-Make recommendations for improvement. 
-Takes initiative to be involved in team activities and decision making.
-Performs assigned tasks with minimal supervision required. 
-Provides assistance to less experienced members as needed.
-Recognizes obstacles to technical or process related issues and can independently resolve them.
-Consistently achieves commitments despite obstacles.

-Makes suggestions for improvement based upon scientific and GMP understanding. 
-Provides ideas for improvement. 
-Makes and implements new technologies or processes for improvement. 
- Applies solutions to issues globally. 
-(A solution in one area may also be effective in other areas not directly impacted by the issue).

-Accepts responsibility for all data generated to support material release. 
-Accepts responsibility for the verification of data generated by others to support material release. 
-Accepts responsibility to complete assigned tasks as committed. 
-Looks at exception events as opportunity to learn.
-Deals with exception events in an objective, logical manner to help discover root cause.
-Is viewed by their peers as having integrity. 
-Consistently meets goals/deadlines despite obstacles. 
-Maintains a professional atmosphere in the face of conflict.

-Works with others to maintain a positive atmosphere to accomplish business objectives.
-Is an active participant and contributor within their work structure. 
-Seeks opportunities to assist others and receives input from others as a positive experience. 
-Fosters positive working relationships with all levels of the organization.
-Is looked upon by their peers as someone positive to work with. 
-Acts as a mentor for others. 
-Demonstrates willingness to cross-train themselves and others in other functional areas. 
-Is open to ideas of personnel improvement and is willing to implement changes. 
-Demonstrates a team approach

Accountability / Scope:
-This position is accountable to an appropriate team leader/supervisor/manager.
-Works with general supervision but can effectively manage their own time to multi-task based upon their completed training matrix.
-Participates and contributes to assigned teams to meet broader business objectives.

Desired Qualifications of Applicants:
B.S. or equivalent degree +2-4 years lab experience desired.

If interested in applying, please visit BuckyNet for a full job description/list of requirements and to apply.  The job title is: Abbvie: Quality Control Lab Analyst | the  job ID is 136627.