104-Rate Data Sets

Below are links to the data sets for the Integrated Rate Law exercise for Chemistry 104. You must choose the exercise with the same number as the last (10th) digit of your student ID number.

Internet Explorer users take note: Simply clicking on the links below may not cause them to download as intended, but will probably load the file into an Excel-like spreadsheet within Explorer (yes, Microsoft really are out to get you) which is not what you want. If you are using Explorer, you will have to right click (control + click on a MAC) on the link below and choose "Save File As..." or "Download link to disk". You will be presented with a dialog box allowing you to specify where the file should be saved.

Rate data set 0

Rate data set 1

Rate data set 2

Rate data set 3

Rate data set 4

Rate data set 5

Rate data set 6

Rate data set 7

Rate data set 8

Rate data set 9

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