Making Molecules Comfy: Ultimate Challenge for Professor Mark Ediger

A small organic glass sample created in the Ediger Research Group displays an iridescent color
This sample of organic glass, made in Ediger’s lab, has been “pre-aged,” meaning it deforms more slowly than most glasses. Photo: Mark Ediger

Professor J.R. Schmidt Receives Journal of Physical Chemistry ‘C’ Lectureship Award

Professor J.R. Schmidt has received the 2016 Journal of Physical Chemistry ‘C’ Lectureship Award.  Sponsored by the Journal of Physical Chemistry and the ACS Physical Chemistry Division, the JPC Lectureship Awards honor the contributions of investigators who have made major impacts on the field of physical chemistry in the research areas associated with each journal section. There are three awards, for JPC A, JPC B and JPC C. The lecture and award will be presented at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia in August 2016.

Professor Laura Kiessling Earns 2016 Gibbs Award

Professor Laura Kiessling will receive the 2016 Gibbs Award, given by the Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society. The Willard Gibbs Medal Award was first awarded in 1911. Gibbs was chosen as to be the model for the award as an outstanding example of creativity in scientific investigation. The purpose of the award was and is “to publicly recognize eminent chemists who, through years of application and devotion, have brought to the world developments that enable everyone to live more comfortably and to understand this world better.”

Professor Laura Kiessling Receives 2016 Hilldale Award in the Physical Sciences

For nearly 30 years, remarkable faculty at the University of Wisconsin—Madison have been singled out by their peers for their distinguished contributions to teaching, research and service.

Since 1987, these scholars — one from each of the four faculty divisions (Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Studies) — have been honored with the prestigious Hilldale Award.

This year, the four recipients will be recognized at a meeting of the Faculty Senate on April 4 and will receive a cash prize of $7,500.

Professor Randy Goldsmith Earns Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award

Professor Randy Goldsmith has received the Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award for Excellence in Teaching Engineers, an annual award given by the College of Engineering. The Benjamin Smith Reynolds Memorial Fund was established to perpetuate the memory of Benjamin Smith Reynolds by creating an incentive to excel in teaching, and to emphasize the importance of excellent teaching. The award honors "the University of Wisconsin faculty member(s) who contribute(s) most to the instruction of Engineering students." Goldsmith is recognized for his instruction in Chem 109 and Chem 562.

Professor Qiang Cui Receives Kellett Mid-Career Award

Professor Qiang Cui has received a UW-Madison Kellett Mid-Career Award. The Kellett awards are supported by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) to recognize exceptional mid-career faculty, seven to twenty years past their first promotion to a tenured position.

Why defective diamond is the best diamond

Thu, 02/18/2016 - 12:15
1315 Chemistry (Seminar Hall)
Event Presenter: 
Margaret Robinson
Event Presenter Institution: 
UW Madison - Hamers group

Professor Kyoung-Shin Choi Named Vilas Associate

Professor Kyoung-Shin Choi has been named a Vilas Associate at UW-Madison. The Vilas Associates Competition recognizes new and on-going research of the highest quality and significance.

Recipients are chosen competitively by the Divisional Research Committees of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education on the basis of a detailed proposal.


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