Introduction - NMR Spectra Calculations

WinDNMR is a program for the simulation of a variety of NMR patterns. Any of the spectral parameters (chemical shifts, couplings, linewidth, vertical and horizontal expansion, etc.) can be easily and smoothly modified, with instant display of the calculated spectrum. The simulated spectra can be compared on-screen with actual NMR spectra (linefitting).

Simulations, spectra and the associated data can be printed, or copied to the Clipboard as Windows Metafiles (WMF) for transfer to other programs as scalable graphics images. Spectra can also be exported as GIF, BMP (Windows Bitmap), or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files.

WINDNMR is free shareware, it can be downloaded from:

WINDNMR is set up to work with the chemical drawing program WINPLT ( for the manipulation, presentation and printing of stacked NMR spectra and simulations as well as text and chemical structures..


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