Reich Group Pictures

  Ieva Reich
  Hans Reich
  John and Beth Trend
  Vedejs kids
  Jim Renga
  Joining the fun
  Group picnic
  Flora Chow, 1975
  John and Raissa Trend
  Group meeting, ca 1975
  Opening Champagne
  Trend Thesis Party
  1977 - Elroy-Sparta Bike
  Hans with group biking
  Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail
  1978 - Mark Clark
  Superbowl 1979
  Sue and Bill
  Debra Saez
  Bill Willis
  Debbie and Evie
  1980 Superbowl
  Rick Olson
  Carl Hoeger
  Martha Kelly
  Bill Willis ca 1980
  Sue Wollowitz in the lab
  Evie in lab
  1981 - Kelly, Holtan
  Paul Gold
  The Holtans
  Mel Schroeder
  Ken Yelm
  Craig and Nancy
  Carsten, Jim and Ken
  Dave Gschneidner
  Group Picture 1983
  Hans' Group picnic
  Derek Mason
  1984 Kickapoo
  Kickapoo Rest Stop
  Nacy and Craik Kickapoo
  Hans and Steve Nelsen
  Halloween - Casey group
  Halloween Party
  Group 1987
  Nancy and Tim
  Group 1989
  Group June 1989
  Group - June 1989
  1991- Dykstras on the Kickapoo
  Superbowl, 1992
  Superbowl, 1992
  Superbowl 1992
  1992 picnic
  Just the group
  1992 - Puckett-Bolm Kickapoo
  Group Kickapoo
  Kickapoo 1992
  Meeting in Minneapolis
  Biggie and Gully - Kickapoo
  1993 - Hans in his old office
  Biggie and Gully Kickapoo
  Nancy & Steve, 1994
  Nancy - 1994
  Goup picture
  Klaus Kulicke
  Group meeting 1994
  1995 Group picnic
  Jen and Gwynne
  Group 1995
  Bill Sikorski
  1996 - Group picnic
  Jen and Hans
  Jen Thompson
  Wayne and Aaron
  1996 Superbowl Dinner
  1996 - Wayne and Jen
  1996 Superbowl Dinner
  1996 Superbowl Dinner
  Dafni Amirsakis
  Jen in lab
  Kickapoo 1997
  Group picnic 1997
  1999 - Bill and Michelle firstborn
  2000 - Group picture
  Marco Medina
  Tamara Walker
  2000 - Marty & Kevin
  Good times at UW
  2001 - Whipple at Nalco
  2002 - Picnic
  Margaret, Sumera, and Amanda
  2002 Kickapoo - Marty
  2002 Kickapoo
  Stopping for lunch Kickapoo
  Making coals
  Hot dogs
  2002 Kickapoo Group
  Margaret and Scott
  Margaret, refreshed
  Margaret and Scott
  Picnic 2003
  Picnic with Croquet
  2003 Kickapoo- Kim & Salwah
  2003 Kickapoo group
  2003 Halloween
  Trend & Renga
  Wall of honor
New York 60th Birthday
  The Plaque
  The restaurant
  John Trend
  Nancy Phillips
  Mike Bowe and ?
  Nancy Phillips
  Hans Reich
  Joe Borst
  Wes Whipple
  Martha Kelly
  Marty Cohen
  Bill, Beth and Bob
  Bill Nadler
  Rick Olson
  Debra Saez
  Ken Yelm
  Rick Olson
  Sue Wollowitz
  Dave Hillenbrand
  Steve Peake
The Olympus 750UZ
  The camera
  First Bug Pic
  Blowup of one beetle
  House Finch
  Tufted Titmouse
  Spider with bee
  Green fly
  Lake Jasper
  Ambush bugs
  Brown Pelican
  Hawksbill turtle
  Mountain squirrel
  Beetle California Poppy
  Milberts tortoiseshell
  Tiger Swallowtail
  Beetle on Chicory
  Brazillian Cardinal
  Purple prairie clover
  Six-spot Burnet
  Swallowtail Butterfly
  Marbled White Butterfly
  Painted Lady
  Swallowtail Butterfly
  Striped bug
  Zebra Longwing
  Honeybee in flight
  California Frog
  Swallowtail Butterfly
  Milkweed Beetle
  Crimson-Patched Longwing
  Yellowpatch Skipper
  Female robin
  Dragonflies mating
  Great Spangled Fritillary
  Sandhill Crane
  House Finch
  Wild Columbine
  Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
  Red-tailed hawk
  Faithful Beauty Moth
  French Angelfish
  French Angelfish
  Kim and Salwah Berries 2004
  Berry picking
  Group picture, summer 2004
  Kickapoo 2004
  Kim and John
  Amanda and Jon (1)
  Amanda and Jon (2)
  Amanda and Jon (3)
  Kris and Erin
  Margaret and Scott
  Kris and Erin
  The Nelsens
  Stephanie and friend
  Kichapoo Bluffs
  Another Bluff
  Kickapoo group
  Group - October 2004
  NYBike Tour
  Picnic summer 2005
  Grace and Elegance
  After Croquet
  Picnic 2005
  Group - Kim Wedding
  Kickapoo 2005
  Amanda and Jon
  Acccuracy and power
  Kris and Nelsens
  Evie, Hans - lunch
  Kristen, Michael
  Kris and John
  Grilling brats
  Kristin and Michael
  No paddle
  Limbo - 1 - under the tree
  Limbo - 2
  Over the tree
  Steve and Adrian
  Amanda in the Kayak
  The canoeists 2005
  Wienermobile - 2005
  Margaret graduation
  2006-Margaret graduation
  Kevin and Sarah
  Amanda Wedding
  2006 Bratfest
  After the Picnic, 2006
  2006 Kickapoo
  Amanda frisbee
  2006 - Acquaye Family
  Carsten Bolm
  Superbowl party 2007
  Last three students
  2007 - Dykstra family
  Carbanion Conference 2007
  Amanda and friends
  Collum, Gawley, Bailey
  Larry Overman
  Poster session
  Margaret at Poster session
  ISCC-8 reunion
  The Japanese group
  Evie and Mike Krische
  Biggie, 2007
  Gudmundsson family
  Aaron and Heather
  Picnic, 2007
  Kristin, Erin
  Kevin wedding
  Germany, 2007
  Ulm View
  Kris and Erin in tower
  Award presentation
  Award presentation
  Award presentation
  Group in Ulm
  VIP dinner
  Frankfurt, on way home
  Starting Kickapoo 2007
  Erin Kris
  More Becky
  Hans, Evie
  The group
  Becky enjoying the bluffs
  Kris Kayak
  Hans, Evie, Becky
  Kristen, Michael
  Kristen, Michael
  Poor Mina
  Photographer Hans
  Kristen and Michael
  Kickapoo group 2007
  2008 Picnic
  Becky and Hans
  Kris Croquet
  Kristin croquet
  Croquet group
  After croquet fire
  2008 - Kickapoo
  Kris and Erin
  Kristin, Michael
  2008 Kickapoo
  Kris and Kristen
  2009 Superbowl
  Carsten Bolm
  Sikorsky visit
  2009 - Salah Weeding
  2009 - Salwah wedding
  2009 Picnic
  2009 Kickapoo
  John and Beth
  Lunch break
  Lunch break
  Back on the river
  John and Beth
  Bill bluffs
  John and Beth
  River blocked
  The Sikorskis
  Mt. Pisgah summit
  Mt. Pisgah
  Hans Evie Mt. Pisgah
  Tiny frog
  Tiger longwing
  Rest stop
  Sikorskis docking for lunch
  Kickapoo Bluffs
  Steve and Almaz
Panasonic Camera
  Green-backed heron
  Banana blossom
  White Throated Sparrow
  Cooper's Hawk
  Cooper's Hawk
  Redwing Blackbird
  Amalfi coast
  Positano church and beach
  Capri coastal view
  Painted Lady
  Mt. Vesuvius
  Latvia Stork
  Lime Hawk Moth
  Mute Swan
  View of Daugava River
  Grass Pink Orchid
  Downy Woodpecker
  Heliconius erato
  Eastern Bluebird
  Heliconius sara
  Broad-tailed hummingbird
  Reddish egret
  Brown Pelican
  White Ibis
  Night Heron
  Common Rose
  Malaysian blue clipper
  Chipping Sparrow
  White Wagtail
  Black-headed Gull
  Black-headed Gull
  White Admiral
  White Admiral