Jennifer L. Thompson -- PhD 1999

Scientific Career

Thesis Title
I. The Structure and Reactivity of Chelated Organolithium Reagents. II. Application of the Equilibrium Isotope Effect to Organolithium Reagents.
Research Summary Jennifer performed an interesting experiment which directly addressed a question on the structures of allenyl-propargyllithium reagents which was raised by John Holladay's work, i.e., are there localized allenyllithium and propargyllithium reagents, or are the equilibrium structures bridged, as predicted by calculations.

The experiment was the Saunders Isotope Perturbation experiment, which clearly showed that several of the silyl and phenyl-substituted allenyllithiums had localized structures, as shown by large remote isotope shifts of the various carbon signals in a partially deuterated sample.

Jennifer also carried out extensive experiments on the stereochemistry and reactivity of pyridyl and imidazole-chelated organolithium reagents, following up on earlier work by Bob Dykstra and Klaus Kulicke.

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  2. "Solvent-Dependent Lithium-Bridging in Allenyl- Propargyllithium Reagents," Hans J. Reich and Jennifer L. Thompson Org. Letters 2000, 2, 783-786. (Communication) PDF

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Current Position DuPont Corian

Jen and Wayne at Superbowl Party, 1998

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