William H. Sikorski -- PhD 1997

Scientific Career

Thesis Title
Stabilized Organolithium Reagents I. Enone Addition Regioselectivity. II Triple Ions.
Research Summary The central focus of Bill's thesis work was an investigation of the remarkable effect of HMPA on the regioselectivity of the addition of some organolithium reagents to enones and other α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds.

He combined spectroscopic studies of the lithium reagents, using the HMPA titration technique of Joe Borst and Bob Dykstra, with product studies, kinetics (more of these done later by Bob Edmonston) , and stereochemistry. He found that there are two factors which control regioselectivity when HMPA was added: the formation of separated ion pairs, and the suppression of lithium catalysis.

Along the way Bill took several interesting detours, including the development of a superb 13C chemical shift thermometer (tris(trimethylsilyl)methane), and an extensive foray into chelated organolithium reagents and triple ions

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Current Position 3M Company

Bill and Mary in 1997

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