Mel C. Schroeder -- MS 1983

Scientific Career

Thesis Title I. Electrophilic Additions of Selenium Substituted Allylic Stannanes. II. N-Hydroxypyrazoles -- Attempts of Allylic Alcohol Protection and Subsequent Oxidation.
Research Summary Mel developed a synthesis of allyl amines, based on the dual role of the phenylseleno group as both a carbanion stabilizing group, as well as a leaving group.

Papers "Organoselenium Chemistry. Preparation of Allyl and Homoallyl Amines by Aminomethylation of Phenylseleno-Substituted Allyl Tin Reagents," H. J. Reich, M. C. Schroeder and I. L. Reich, Isr. J. Chem., 1984, 24, 157.

Current Position Kalexsyn, Inc.

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