Nancy H. Phillips -- PhD 1988

Scientific Career

Thesis Title Mechanistic Studies of the Lithium Metalloid Exchange Reaction.
Research Summary Nancy was the first serious organolithium chemist in the group. Her work was so productive, especially after the AM 360 NMR spectrometer arrived, that eventually this became a primary focus of the group. She established that iodine, tin and tellurium ate complexes were formed in THF and THF-HMPA solutions both by kinetic techniques, as well as by direct spectroscopic observation, and established these as likely intermediates in the lithium-metalloid exchange reaction.

As part of this work, Nancy first correctly established the nature of PhLi solutions (later studied more intensively by Pat Green, Biggie Gudmundsson, Marco Medina and Wayne Goldenberg, among others).

A major part of Nancy's work was devoted to the Li-Sn exchange reaction, where she characterized a series of previously unknown lithium pentaorganostannates, and did early experiments on the stereochemistry of the Li/Sn exchange at tin (later ably completed by Joe Borst and Mike Coplien). After her thesis work Nancy did post-doctoral work in Larry Miller's laboratory at the University of Minnesota before starting her job at 3M.

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Current Position Renewable Energy Division, 3M Company
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