Steven L. Peake -- PhD 1979

Scientific Career

Thesis Title Oxidation of Aryl Iodides.
Research Summary Steve Peake discovered that oxidation of alkyl iodides give olefins, much in the way that the oxidation of selenides does. The reaction proceeds with syn stereochemistry and probably goes by an isodoso syn elimination, analogous to selenoxide eliminations.

Steve also carried out some early spectroscopic studies on organolithium reagents, but the NMR instrumentation was not yet up to the tasks which were later so effectively performed by Nancy Phillips, Pat Green and a host of others who built on their work.
  1. "Seleninic Acids as Catalysts for Oxidations of Olefins and Sulfides Using Hydrogen Peroxide," H. J. Reich, F. Chow and S. L. Peake, Synthesis, 1978, 299.

  2. "Hypervalent Organoiodine Chemistry. Syn Elimination of Alkyl Iodoso Compounds," H. J. Reich and S. L. Peake, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1978, 100, 4888. PDF

Current Position President
FiberCote Industries

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