Klaus J. Kulicke -- PD 1995

Scientific Career

Thesis Title
Chelation Effects in Chiral Sulfur- and Silicon-Stabilized Organolithium Reagents
Research Summary Dr. Kulicke joined the research group after completing his Ph. D. at the University of Basel in Giese's group. He undertook the first detailed NMR spectroscopic explorations of the consequences of chelation in alkyllithium reagents, with especial attention to stereochemical effects. He measured the inversion barriers of a series of chelated organolithium reagents, and compared them to non-chelated analogs.

He also found that some chelated organolithium reagents form mono-HMPA complexes in which the fourth ligand at lithium, a solvent molecule, is on slow exchange on the NMR time scale below -150o. When there are two ether solvents, separate 31P signals can be seen for each solvent, so the relative coordination strength of solvents can be directly measured by NMR integration.
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