Craig P. Jasperse -- PhD 1987

Scientific Career

Thesis Title
The Chemistry of Isoselenazolidin-3-ones and a Selenenic Acid.
Research Summary Craig's thesis research was focused on models for intermediates in the catalytic cycle of the selenoenzyme glutathione peroxidase. In connection with the synthesis of some selenium heterocycles Craig developed the alkylation of ketone, ester, amide and carboxylic acid enolates with Ph-CH2-Se-CH2-Br and Ph-CH2-S-CH2-Br.

This methodology allowed exploration of the redox chemistry of a glutathione peroxidase mimic.

Since no authentic selenenic acids could be detected in the chemistry of the selenocysteine analogs, Craig explored the preparation of a selenenic acid protected by brute force steric effects.

After completing his thesis work Craig did postdoctoral work at Pittsburgh with Dennis Curran, and then accepted a faculty appointment at the University of North Dakota. After a few years he moved to his current position at Moorhead State University.
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Current Position Professor of Chemistry
Web address: Moorhead State University

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