Carl A. Hoeger -- PhD 1983

Scientific Career

Thesis Title I. Formation, Observation and Reactions of A Selenolseleninate. II. An Investigation into the Chemistry of β-Ketoseleninic and Allylseleninic Acid.
Research Summary Carl investigated the elusive selenenic acids which are intermediates in a number of important redox reactions of organoselenium compounds, including the chemistry involved in the selenoenzyne glutathione peroxidase. Carl was able to prepare systems which underwent selenoxide eliminations at temperatures as low at -50 deg C. Although he was able to detect and study the previously unknown selenolseleninates by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, the selenenic acid precursors could not be detected.

After he completed his thesis work Carl did post-doctoral work with Okamura at the University of California Riverside before taking a position at the Salk Institute.
Papers "Organoselenium Chemistry. A Study of Intermediates in the Fragmentation of Aliphatic Ketoselenoxides. Characterization of Selenoxides, Selenenamides and Selenolseleninates by 1H, 13C and 77Se NMR," H. J. Reich, C. A. Hoeger and W. W. Willis, Jr., Tetrahedron 1985, 41, 4771.

Current Position Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Nathan, Sue, Carl and Martha in 1980

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