Wayne S. Goldenberg -- PhD 1999

Scientific Career

Thesis Title
I. The Effects of Intramolecular Chelation on Aryllithium Reagents. II. The Configurational Stability of Silicon- and Sulfur-Substituted Chiral Organolithium Reagents
Research Summary Wayne, following up on work of Biggie Gudmundsson, prepared two series of aryllithium reagents with potential chelating groups in the ortho position capable of forming 5, 6, or 7 amine or ether chelates. Several of the amines were prepared 15N labelled to allow positive identification of Li-N contacts. In addition, Wayne studied several model systems without ortho chelating groups. His work provided clear evidence for the close relationship between chelation and aggregation of these aryllithiums. For example, the spectra below show that for the ortho-dimethylaminoethyl compound the dimer is chelated, but the monomer is not.

Some followup experiments were done by Aaron Sanders.
    Work at the University of Colorado.

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    Work at the University of Wisconsin.

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    Work at Koehler.

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Current Position Product manager, Wego Chemical & Mineral Corp
Web address: Wego Chemical and Mineral Corp.

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