Mike Coplien --

Scientific Career

Thesis Title
Research Summary Mike has played several important roles in the Reich group - initially as a crackerjack undergraduate researcher, where he synthesized a suitable substrate for determining the stereochemistry of substitution at tin in an acyclic stannane (Nancy Phillips and Joe Borst had done some cyclic systems). He became czar of LC when he made extensive use of preparative and analytical HPLC during the purification and analysis of his tin compounds. Mike showed that the substitution occurred with retention in ether, and with racemization in THF.

Later Mike became the group's (and department's) valued computer guru, and set up all of the PC's for the group, as well of for many members of it. Currently he is working on a computer program for display and workup of NMR spectra.
Papers "The Lithium-Tin Exchange Reaction. Stereochemistry at Tin," H. J. Reich, J. P. Borst, M. B. Coplien and N. H. Phillips. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1992, 114, 6577. (Communication). PDF

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