Michael D. Bowe -- PhD 1990

Scientific Career

Thesis Title
Lithium-Selenium Exchange Reaction: Configurational Stability of Unsubstituted and Sulfur and Selenium Stabilized Organolithium Reagents.
Research Summary Mike worked on several projects, all involving applications of the lithium-selenium and lithium tellurium exchanges to the preparation of useful or interesting organolithium reagents. He discovered that α-lithio selenides and sulfides show an unexpected level of configurational stability. This work set the stage for several subsequent theses, those of Marco Medina, Robert Dykstra , and Jennifer Thompson, which explored various aspects of organolithium stereochemistry.

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  2. "Synthesis and Lithographic Evaluation of a Poly(acylsilane)," A. S. Gozdz, H. J. Reich, M. D. Bowe, in "Silicon-Based Polymer Science", J. M. Zeigler and F. W. G. Fearon, Eds., 1990, p. 693. (Article)

  3. "The Lithium-Selenium Exchange. Stereochemistry of alpha-Lithio Selenides and Sulfides," H. J. Reich and M. D. Bowe, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1990, 112, 8994. (Communication) PDF

  4. "Stereochemistry of a Cyclohexyllithium Reagent. A Case of Higher Configurational Stability in Strongly Coordinating Media," Hans J. Reich, Marco A. Medina, Michael D. Bowe, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1992, 114, 11003. (Communication) PDF

Current Position Senior Scientist, Exploratory Polymer Research
Rohm and Haas Company

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