Carsten Bolm -- MS 1984

Scientific Career

Thesis Title Enol Silyl Ethers from α-Lithiosulfones and Silyl Ketones.
Research Summary Carsten came to Madison for one year as a Fulbright Scholar and worked on a silyl ketone project - the preparation of enol silyl ethers by the reaction of metalated sulfones with acyl silanes. The reaction has good generality (similar reactions were studied earlier by Ron Holtan) , and can be used to make enol silanes such as the one below which are not accessible by direct enolization.

After he completed his work in Madison Carsten returned to Germany to complete his PhD with Manfred Reetz in Marburg. He then did postdoctoral work with Sharpless at MIT before returning to Germany to begin his academic career, first in Basel, then Marburg and finally his current position in Aachen.
Papers "Acylsilane Chemistry. Synthesis of Regio and Stereoisomerically Defined Enol Silyl Ethers Using Silyl Ketones," H. J. Reich, R. C. Holtan and C. Bolm, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1990, 112, 5609. (Article)

Current Position Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Aachen
Web address: University of Aachen

Carsten, Jim Ringer and Ken Yelm, June 1984

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