Advanced Organic Chemistry - Chem 547 - Fall 2013

Instructor: H. J. Reich, Room 8112 Chemistry. (Tel: 262-5794),

Text: F. A. Carey and R. J. Sundberg Advanced Organic Chemistry Part B: Reactions and Synthesis (C&S-B).

Additional Reading:

Exams: Two hour exams (100 pts each) plus final (200 points). All exams will be in room 1315, Chemistry.

Homework: Problem sets and text problem assignments weekly, they will be discussed in the Thurs evening problem sessions.

Discussion Sessions: Will be held Thurs at 4:00 PM (Noland 553) and 7:00 (Chem 2373), as announced in class.
Last discussions Oct. 16, 2:00 PM, room 2373 - Problem Set 3C, practice final exam

Office Hours: Thursday 1:30 P.M. room 8112. Call or send an email for other times.

Course Outline:

A. Introduction (C&S-B 13.2).

B. Chemistry of Carbonyl Compounds (C&S-B Chapt. 1, 2, 3)

C. Oxidation and Reduction Reactions (C&S-B Chapt. 5,12).

D. Preparation and functionalization of carbon-carbon double and triple bonds. (C&S-B Chapt. 4).

E. Pericyclic Reactions: Cycloadditions, fragmentations and rearrangements (C&S-B Chapt. 6).

F. Organometallic Reagents (C&S-B Chapt. 7, 8, 9).