Chem 547 (Fall 2014) Yoon/Reich

Course Handouts
   Beginner's Electron Pushing
   Functional Groups
   Transition State Effects

Course Notes
      More: Electron push samples
   Carbonyl Chemistry
   Reduction and Oxidation
   Pericyclic Reactions
      More: 1, 2, 3
   Organometallic Reactions
   Transition Metal Reactions

Problem Sets
   Problem Set 1A, Answers (thanks to Zhi Xu Tan)

   Problems web site


Chemical Reactions
   Natural Product Syntheses
   Named Reactions
   Named Rules and Effects
   Named Reagents
   Reactive Intermediates
   Reaction Retrieval System  

Chemical Data
  pKa Table - DMSO, Water
  Physical Constants
  SI Units

  Class names
  Organic Compounds
  Physical Organic Terms
  Acronyms, More
  German-English Diction.

Organic Compounds
   Amino Acids
   Molecule of the Month
   Compound Info Databases
   3D Structures

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