The 1961 Madison Organic Chemistry Symposium

In Honor of Professor S. M. McElvain

The Chemistry Department
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

July 1, 1961


Arthur C. Cope, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(University of Wisconsin 1929 to 1932)

Thomas P. Carney, Eli Lilly and Company
(University of Wisconsin 1943-1944)

C. Fredrick Koelsch, University of Minnesota
(University of Wisconsin 1929 to 1931)

Gilbert J. Stork, Columbia University
(University of Wisconsin 1942 to 1945)

Professor Roger Adams, University of Illinois
(Graduate advisor of S. M. McElvain at the University of Illinois)

William S. Johnson, Stanford University
(Colleague of S. M. McElvain for 20 years at the University of Wisconsin)