Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Laboratories

Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments

Chem 342 Organic Chemistry Laboratory

      Experiments in this course are coordinated with the lecture topics in Chem 341. It is intended for students who need to take only one semester of Organic Chemistry. This course will introduce you to various techniques used in the organic laboratory as well as synthetic procedures and some methods of identification and purification of organic compounds.

Chem 344 Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory

     The goal of the course is to teach techniques of experimental organic chemistry. The first half of the course introduces routinely used separation, purification and identification techniques and laboratory exercises and demonstration experiments. The second half of the course consists of experiments demonstrating standard synthetic methods.

Chem 346 Intermediate Organic Chemistry Laboratory

     This course will cover multi-step synthetic processes and advanced experimental techniques such as high vacuum distillation.


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